Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow again? Is the garden still ok?

Some may be worried about the recent snow and its effect on anything that you may have already cut back in the garden. That Buddleia or Cotinus that just got whacked with early bud swell is in a delicate stage. But the only real worry will be if temperatures drop and stay low. The snow really isn't helping matters, but it's not doing as much damage this time a week of 20 degree temperatures would. As long as the overall temperatures stay above freezing, we're ok. Snowfall ahead of a freeze helps insulate from the frigid air that ruins tender growth.
That said, I looked out my kitchen window at the melting snow on an untouched Choisya. I noticed that the weight of the snow had helped complete a branch tear near the middle of the shrub that had started with the the December and January storms. It will need some restorative pruning for sure... I'll get to that when it warms up!

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