Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Report from the garden. Mine and others.
So, I got tired of writing about the cold. Dear Weather, Quit it!. Thanks...

Now, for the fun part. Spring! I think...
A Katsura in my back yard that I'm using for screening from a giant new house has just started to leaf out. As well, the Physocarpus (nine-bark) is in full leaf. The maples are doing it too. But the fuchsia is just now showing signs of re-emergence. Come on warm!

It's time to make those remove or save decisions with regard to the winter death. The green leafed Hebe's seem to have weathered things well. The Hebe "Red-Edge" also fared pretty well in most cases.

We have had to remove a number of Prostrate Rosemary, even the most established have died. What to do about replacements? Some clients who liked the Hebe "Amy" or "Co-ed" seem to want to try the same again, even after they are advised that those varieties may not make it next season. But others really want to replace with something that is more likely to make it. So much depends on a micro-climate. Comment back if you know of varieties that made it through un-phased.

More later...thanks for reading..

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  1. It is sad to give up and remove an expensive and precious bush. We are looking at having to dispose of a Rose of Sharon bush, apparently, I've done everything I could. I never give up until I completely know for sure. I wouuld make sure. Sometimes, out of nowhere, you'll get a sprout, especially if you have fed it and given it lots of attention.