Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy, busy season begins to see some slowing down...

Hello again!!

Having moved from winter directly into the summer dries, we've been running busy here in the Landscape Department. Building pathways, walls, garden designs, irrigation and container plantings. Far more busy than we thought we'd be considering the times.

But at home, I've finally decided to actually put vegetable (well, lettuce and spinach) and some strawberries in my garden. If i can keep the grass and weeds out. Compost to top-dress is next so I won't need to water as much. I have no real irrigation system in this garden yet, but if these plants start to suffer, I may have to get some 1/2" to 1/4" poly lines in with some low to the ground spray emitters in there for them. My garden is a low water site which means, if I'm feeling nice, I'll help get the plants started with water and proper planting, (usually...maybe..) but if it doesn't survive, then it wasn't meant to be in my garden. The veggies, however, I guess if we're going to eat them, I'll water them... I guess...

Oh, and that Spanish Lavender (far right int he above pic) did have a partner in the space where the veggies (and echinacea starts) are, but alas the winter was terrible on them as well. The surviving Lavender will probably see the compost pile later this summer... But look at the bloom, man!..

In this other picture, the iris are going crazy around my birdbath (which I have to empty every few days or it will be a mosquito bowl.) The colors are pretty accidental but cool. Note the small abelia to the left of the shot. It came from a container that it outgrew and is sitting where a Full sized Hebe "Amy" had lived for 3 years until this one. If the Abelia survives the transplant, It'll make a nice accidental replacement. I neglected to bring down that Redtwig Dogwood this winter as well, now look how big it is. Next year, I'll have to down to 18" and watch those red twigs go mad...

This last shot is of Gabriel and I working on his playground area. I'm extending the rubber-scape (salvaged along with the play structure from a client's yard..thanks to that client!). We're attemtping to add a slide to the structure. Gabriel is my 3.5 year old, not the youngest member of the hardscape team, but he sure is a goofy little helper!!

Cheers and Happy Summer in SanDiego?.. where are we?... what month...?

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