Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From the Edibles Team at City People's Design and Landscape!

From Your Yard to Your Plate; bringing locally grown produce closer to home!

It’s a new and exciting time for us here at City Peoples. Many of us have been researching and implementing better ways to reduce our carbon footprint, eat locally, recycle, and learn new ways to do so in an urban environment. We are fortunate to have a team of gardeners, designers, farmers and activists who are helping to expand City Peoples landscaping repertoire to include vegetable and herb gardens. Garden structures, compost bins, chicken coops, and other, more specialty projects are possible as well.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to step into your backyard after work and pick a bowl of bright, crisp green beans for dinner? How about an easy way to get the kids involved by helping to harvest tomatoes for a spaghetti dinner? For the space-challenged, perhaps a well-stocked container of herbs by the kitchen door? I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to swallow spending four dollars at the supermarket for a few sprigs of limp basil that comes packaged in plastic. With minimal time and effort you could be experiencing delicious foods each season, right outside your door.

Our gardeners are ready to help you fulfill this goal by offering three tiers of vegetable garden assistance, depending on your desired level of involvement. For the urbanite who already has a patch of land cleared but doesn’t know what to plant at what time, to the tomato lover who is unsure whether he can grow in a mostly shady garden, we offer our most basic service: a one-hour consultation wherein one of our experienced employees will come to your yard to give advice and to help you lay out a game plan. The second level is a more comprehensive option, with planning, installation, and building included. Those raised beds you’ve always pictured filling that empty corner you’re tired of weeding can be built and planted by us!

If you’re like most of us and already have too much on your plate and not enough time, we’ll do it all; from the plan to the install, the maintenance to the harvest, as well as extra goodies like email reminders of watering schedules. If the process of growing your own food is daunting but desirable, we can coach you, every step of the way.

If any of this is making your mouth water or your garden dreams seem possible, call us and lets get started! Ask for Laura (206) 324-0963.


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