Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bulletproof Design: Spring Combos

A great spring combo from a clients yard: Ceanothus 'Vandenburg' underplanted with Sedum 'Angelina' with some added blue from Aguja at the base of the rockery. Give those plants what they want, full sun and well drained soil, and stand back! No shy growers, here.

Ceanothus is unmatched in leaf texture, branching structure, and bloom color. Its a bit of a James Dean, lives fast and dies young (for shrubs, anyway), but its fast and furious nature helps a brand new landscape fill in when you need some heft!

Sedum 'Angelina' is a workhorse groundcover that forms lovely mats of golden green. It tends to swallow other low growing things in its path, so this situation suits it well.

These two plants grown in combination is garden design that sings. The color contrast is fab and once established, they need little water and out compete most weeds. What's not to like?

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